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This course is a new initiative to respond to the needs of Young Diocesan Clergy. This course offers both theory and practical guidelines from experienced persons in the follwoing areas: Spirituality of a Diocesan Priest, Counselling and Spiritual Direction, Conflict Management, Psycho-sexual and Spiritual Integration, Discernment in daily Life and Pastoral Leadership today. The course ends with an eight days guided retreat. 

Prerana Team

Total fee (Stipend+ Board+ Lodging): Rs 14,500; (Arrival on October 3 by 5 PM; Departure on 30 October by 5 PM)

Monday, 4 October 2021
Saturday, 30 October 2021
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The movie, “The Bucket List” talks about a unique way the Egyptian gods decide whether someone enters heaven or not.  Those who come to them after death are asked two questions.  The answer to these questions will determine whether they will enter heaven or not.  The first question is:  Have you found joy in your life?  The second is: Has your life brought joy to others?  Here is a retreat for you that will take you to the source of joy, the living waters.

It is an eight-day residential retreat for lay people, religious and priests.  The retreat consists of inputs, guided meditations, personal reflections and structured exercises in an atmosphere of silence.  The retreat is a synergy of psychology and spirituality from an eastern perspective. The retreatants are helped to get in touch with themselves and discover deeper resources within that will bring joy, freedom, peace and love into their lives.  The structured exercises will help the retreatants free themselves from aspects of their lives that keep them stuck and fearful and open the door to the source of joy. The ultimate goal of the retreat is to help the retreatants to discover their hearts – compassion towards themselves and others.

Fr Anthony (Tony) J. D’Souza SJ

Total fee (Stipend+ Board+ Lodging): Rs 5,600; (Arrival on November 03 by 5 PM; Departure on November 11 by 1 PM)


Thursday, 4 November 2021
Thursday, 11 November 2021
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This is a Psycho-Spiritual Retreat. It is based on a spirituality rooted in the gospels, with proper theological and psychological understanding to assist us in integrating values and concepts gleaned from our Scripture & Tradition and our life experiences as Religious and priests to reflect on and direct our life and mission in the future.

Each participant will be assisted through three online tests to understand one’s personality, temperament and aptitudes for community life, handling responsibility and relationship. Handouts would be provided as well as a website for further study.

Fr Tony Thampi Kayala C.S.C

Total fee (Stipend+ Board+ Lodging): Rs 8,000; (Arrival on November 21 by 5 PM; Departure on November 29 by 5 PM)

Monday, 22 November 2021
Monday, 29 November 2021
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