India Mumbai Province: Mission Office

As followers of Jesus Christ, we believe that every baptised person is personally called to be a missionary for Christ.

Not everyone will take up the call to become missionary priests or brothers like the Divine Word Missionaries, but every person can be missionary in their own place and circumstance by deepening their relationship with God and spreading His love to others.

A key task of the SVD Mission Secretariat is to foster awareness of the call to mission.

The Society of the Divine Word around the world has a multicultural charism and sees interreligious dialogue as integral to the living of its mission.

The INM Province Mission Secretariat is also charged with caring for and supporting our SVD missionaries on an overseas placement.
Many missionaries live and work in extremely poor and marginalized situations. Financial poverty can hinder the spread of the Good News, through preaching and teaching as well as improving local lifestyle.

The mission secretary encourages and assists ordinary church members to become missionary in spirit and fact through the financial and prayerful support of missionaries and their activities.

Four Characteristic Dimensions

The saying, “a finger cannot open a peanut,” is practically true. The message of this dictum is very simple cooperation! So too with our apostolate, we cooperate and coordinate. To facilitate harmoniously and effectively the tasks of each member, the SVD-INM has chosen four coordinators for Communication, Mission Animation, Justice and Peace and Bible Apostolate. The team is expected to work in collaboration with the provincial superior in implementing the realignment program of the province.


Bible plays a very important role in the life of a Divine Word Missionary. He is not only to live with it but also to communicate the living Word. A confrere is assigned to animate bible seminars, retreats, Bible conventions and the like using the available means of communication. As of now the life-giving words of the bible are shared through seminars, retreats, Bible conventions and publications.

Mission Animation

The SVD-INM organizes spiritual, physical and material assistance to SVD missionaries working around the globe. In this connection, a confrere animates groups and encourages partners to pray, to raise funds and find benefactors and supporters for the mission.


In INM we have a Communications Centre in Pune. A confrere coordinates the entire social communications apostolate of the province.

Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

A confrere is assigned full-time as provincial coordinator of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) concerns. He has to establish contacts and inform dialogue partners in SVD communities and regarding social development projects and the promotion of justice and peace.

"Through what do we earn God's favour? We should pray because what is offered to God in prayer is very pleasing to him: our childlike trust, the recognition of our need to be helped and our offering ourselves to God"
St. Arnold Janssen